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Entry Forms


For the ISI Winter Classic event, we are allowing skaters to enter more than one Solo Spotlight event category (i.e. Character / Light Entertainment / Dramatic) and more than one Rhythmic Skating event category (i.e. Ball / Hoop / Ribbon). The skater must have a different programs to enter a different category for the same event.

We will also offer Themed Solo Spotlight, Themed Couples Spotlight and Themed Production events.  These events can be entered in addition to the regular event categories.

Be sure to verify your event entries and correct test level(s) with your coach before submitting your form(s). There is a $25 change fee (per change / per skater) for wrong information submitted on the forms. Please read all the forms carefully and fill them out completely before faxing with your credit card information or sending by mail to the ISI office in Dallas.

If you have not renewed your ISI Individual Membership, you must include your $15 membership renewal with your event entry fees. Make sure your coach and rink registers all of your tests with the ISI office before Dec. 1, 2013.


Please see the attached files for the 2014 Winter Classic entry forms. There are three forms for this year's event: 

You can download entry forms below:


Individual Entry Forms

The Tot - Delta Individual Entry form (PDF)  or Freestyle 1-10 Individual Entry form (PDF) or ONLINE has all Individual and partner event entries - except Dance events.

The Dance Entry form has all Dance events. 


Team Entry Form

The Team Entry form  has all team events - including Family Spotlight.



We are again offering Choice Dance events. Skaters in Solo, Similar and Mixed Dance can choose which dance or dances they wish to compete. Each dance entry requires a separate event entry fee and each partner must submit a separate entry form for Similar and Mixed Dance events. Remember - skaters do not have to pass the entire dance test to compete in individual dances from the higher test level.

We are also offering the "Pro Partner" Dance events. Current ISI Professional members can partner with their students to enter dance(s) at the student's current Dance Test level. Professionals will not receive a medal for this event so they do not have to submit any entry form or pay any entry fees for the Pro Partner events only.