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weSKATE 3.5 with ISILink

**Compatable with Windows Operating System.

Which version is right for you? weSKATE 3.5 Networked weSKATE 3.5 Single User
weSKATE Learn-to-Skate Class Administration
Track Enrollment and Organize Classes
Semester Creation
Class Test Roster
Track Attendance
Student Administration
View student history
Collect and Store Emergency Contact Information
Edit Student Contact Information
Ability to email any or all students in your database
Ability to print mailing labels to any or all students in your database
Ability to export any or all students in your database
Comprehensive Reports Available Daily
Comprehensive Report All (the same one you receive from the office)
Comprehensive Report Abridged (only name, ISI Number and expiration Date)
Comprehensive Report Current (Current ISI Members)
Comprehensive Report Expired (Expired ISI Members)
ISILink - your connection to the ISI Database
Ability to submit ISI membership registrations
Ability to submit ISI test registrations
Print a test completion certificate
Global ISI Skater Look-up (look up any ISI Member)
Upload/Download membership and test data automatically every night
Uploads membership and test data when you close the program
Downloads membership and test data when you open the program
Database can be used on multiple computers on the same network
Skating School Administration for Multiple Facillities
Database can only be used on one computer
Need to install MySQL (provided by the ISI)
Need to install separate weSKATE Database Manager