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The Edge Competition Management Software- What's New

What's New To Version 7.0...

  • Added the team point change for greater than six skater team events.
  • Cassette labels are not printed for Jump and Spin teams.
  • Added a separate medal count list with listing options.
  • Added a cross reference list with listing options.
  • Added Split Ice to competition schedule toolbar. Inactive if event numbers are locked.
  • Added participation points to team scoring.
  • Updated Free Dance with the new judging criteria.
  • Couple Spotlight has been expanded to included a Medium level.
  • Couple Spotlight duration has been updated (increased).
  • Special Skater 1 - 10 judging criteria has been updated.
  • Default durations have been updated for better accuracy.
  • Warm up times are calculated automatically but are still individually editable.
  • Updated Entry Forms for new Couple Spotlight Level.
  • Arabesque Software

What's New To Version 6.2...

  • All of the judging forms have been updated to reflect the changes in the judging criteria and rule changes.
  • All of the changes in the event durations have been updated.
  • The Jump and Spin team have been updated to reflect 2 person and 4 or more person teams, each with there own set of judging forms.

What's New To Version 6.1...

  • For ease of use and accessibility customized tool bars have been added to each of the lists. Search has also been added directly to the lists in the form of an edit box. All functions are still available through the menu.
  • The Conflicts list has been reformatted to increase legibility. Conflict information is now spread over three columns and three rows (for skaters). See Conflict List.
  • The Judges Schedule for dual panels has been reformatted. The panels are no longer side by side but are now one over the other. See Two Judging Panels.
  • When printing the judging forms, only the first judge prints when you elect to print the Trial Judge. This speeds up the process printing them and saves a tree or two.
  • Two options have been added to printing the judging forms. The first form printed is normally labeled Judge 1 but you can have it labeled as Referee. You can also have an ‘expanded’ time printed in the form that included the day of the week and the date: Sat. 6/2, 11:32am .
  • Alternate level types are now available when creating new events. These include types such as Bronze and Silver as well as No Test through Senior. The number of User Created events have been increased from 8 to 12. See user created events.
  • You can now add grouping information to events in the competition schedule. See Adding Grouping to the Events
  • You can print entry forms for both individual skaters and teams. You select which events to include on the form, as well as the amounts charged. Late fees, entry form change fees, and most other competition specific information can be edited and printed. See Printing Entry Forms
  • Events have been added specific to Special Skaters. These include the standard Special Skater and Stroking, along with compulsory, individual spotlights, and partnered events: couples, pairs, dance, and spotlights. Events can individual be labeled as Unified. See Adding Unified to the Events
  • When randomizing the skating order the program now tries to prevent a skater from always being first in events.
  • The Judges certification has been updated to indicate the change in levels as well as the addition of the group certification.
  • The accounting record which lists the deductions taken against a skater has been updated to include the 5.0 penalty for not completing an element.
  • You are now able to split the ice for two judging panels without actually assigning a second judging panel. See Splitting the Ice.
  • You can optionally switch off printing of the Section Header to reduce the number of pages required for the Competition Schedule. See Options.
  • As always, numerous internal changes have been made to the program to increase it’s speed and make it more reliable and easier to use.