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The Edge Competition Management Software- Home

Version 9.2

**NEW** JOT the ISI's Judging on Tablet Scoring System

Competition season is upon us, along with the countless hours of preparation and mountains of paperwork that make it a reality. This year help is available with a software package designed specifically for figure skating competitions. No more trying to get Access or Excel to do something they were not meant to do.

Imagine never having to redo event times and event numbers by hand again. You don’t have to tear your hair out because of late or ‘misplaced’ entries. If you add or remove skaters from the competition, all of the event times and numbers are recalculated for you.

Imagine creating a competition schedule by simply clicking on an event and the skater’s name. Filling out a Judging Form is a thing of the past, as they are updated and printed for you! Automatically! Scheduling judges is also a snap! Accounting has never been easier!

What is this wonderous working program? It's the Edge, a skating competition organizational software package for ISI type competitions. The four year old program has undergone many changes and refinements. Competition Directors from across the country have added their expertise and suggestions for improvement, and we've done our best to incorporate them all!

What the program will do for you:

  • Organizes entry forms. Lists events, names and ages of skaters. Complete list of ISI, Hockey, and Team events to choose from.
  • Creates up to 14-definable events for both individuals and teams.
  • Full-featured editing allows for arranging skating order, event order, and age and gender groupings of events.
  • Start times and event numbers automatically updated when schedule changes.
  • User-definable sections for specialty items such as Spotlight Setups, Award Ceremonies, etc.
  • Assigns judges based on their judging certification.
  • Automatically organizes and prints Judging Forms based on the ISI Team Competition Standards. 
  • Complete accounting system for judge scores, event placement, and team standings.
  • Allows for the creation of a competition program book with names of skaters, teams, judges, schedule, text, ads, etc.

What's New To Version 9.2...

  • Incorporates all of the 2014 Rule Changes
  • JOT - The ISI Judging on Tablet system
  • Text Message results

To order

To order The Edge Competition Management Software please contact Angela at 972-735-8800 or by email at orders@skateisi.org.


For questions about the software program please contact Jeff by email at TheEdgeCMS@skateisi.org.