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ISI weSKATE Membership Rewards Program

The ISI Membership Rewards Program is an easy and convenient way to boost your facility's bottom line while providing your skaters with their own valuable ISI membership benefits. Not taking advantage of this program is like throwing away cash!

2013-2014 term results below:

The ISI Membership Rewards program is gaining momentum among administrative and professional members. In the current membership term, over $60,000 in rewards have been earned. More than 170 ISI administrative members have earned rewards in the current membership term, In addition, over 100 professional members have received rewards for referring new ISI professional members. See the program details and the reward recipients, and make sure YOU sign up if you haven’t already!

Wholesale Membership Rate

Register your skaters as ISI Individual or Hockey members using the retail membership rate, submit your registrations to the ISI office and you will be billed the wholesale rate, providing an immediate reward to your facility.

Threshold Rewards

Administrative members that increase their number of registered skaters by targeted percentages of at least 25 percent receive additional rewards.

Level 1 - 25%

Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex Willowbrook
Allen Community Ice Rink
Bowling Green State Univ Ice Arena
Cape Cod Ice
Central New Hampshire Skating Academy
Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts Yosemite
FMC Asiaf Arena
FMC Driscoll Arena
Freeport Skating Academy
Highland Sports Center
Ice & Blades Figure Skating Team
Ice Zone
Imperial Skating Academy
Kevin Bell Arena
Kingsgate Arena
Livingston Skate Club
Mora Skating Club
Northeast Kingdom Skating Club
Nytex Sports Centre
Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club
Southern Tier Skating Club @ First Arena
Tahoe Sports & Entertainment
Team Panache
University of Illinois Ice Arena
Van Cortlandt Park Ice Skating Rink
Winter Lodge
Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center
YWCA Ice Chalet
Ziehnert Skating School

Level 2 - 50%

City of Greensburg Rec Dept - Kirk S Nevin Arena
Danbury Ice Arena
Edge Ice Center
Line Creek Ice Arena
Sacramento Iceland
The Rinks - Westminster ICE
Toyota Sports Center
Wonderland of Ice

Level 3 - 100%

Belmont Iceland
Floyd Hall Arena
Ice Palace Hawaii
Ice Station Valencia
Sky Rink @ Chelsea Piers LP
St Croix Valley Recreation Center

ISI Honor Roll

Administrative members with 250 or more ISI skater member registrations on Aug. 31 will be rewarded at four levels.


City Ice Pavilion
Edge Ice Arena
FMC William Chase Arena
Harry J McDonald Memorial Center
Ice Palace Hawaii
Line Creek Ice Arena
Nazareth Ice Oasis
Rink Side Ice Arena & Family Entertainment Center
Rolling Meadows Park District Sports Complex
Schwan Super Rink / NSC
Sprinker Recreation Center
St Croix Valley Recreation Center
The Rinks - Anaheim ICE
The Rinks - Lakewood ICE
The Rinks - Westminster ICE


Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink
Danbury Ice Arena
Ice Station Valencia
Ice Time Sports Complex
Pasadena Ice Skating Center-PCOC
Sky Rink @ Chelsea Piers LP


Belmont Iceland


Toyota Sports Center

Platinum Plus

Floyd Hall Arena
World Ice Arena
Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center


Professional Member Incentives

Skating directors and coaches earn big rewards, too! Here’s how:

District Reward Program

Skating director who has generated the largest percentage increase in the number of Individual skater members with at least 25.

  • District 1 Champions Skating Center - Tiesha P DiMaggio
    District 2 Southern Tier Skating Club @ First Arena - Robyn Bentley
    District 3 Van Cortlandt Park Ice Skating Rink - Skating Director
    District 4 Hampton Roads IcePlex - Alynn J Farmer
    District 5 K Lynn Skating School - Kathy Shankle
    District 6 Livingston Skate Club - Cindy Roth
    District 7 Edge Ice Center - Jennifer S Hodges
    District 8 Edge Ice Arena - Susan D'Aquila
    District 9 Ice Zone - Geri Bird
    District 10 Mora Skating Club - Phyllis Duerr
    District 11 Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex Willowbrook - Mark Poole
    District 12 South Suburban Family Sports Center - Gerry Lane
    District 13 Kingsgate Arena - Kathleen Genovese
    District 14 Sacramento Iceland - Carrie E Clarke
    District 15 Ice Station Valencia - Linda Stroh
    District 16 Harry J McDonald Memorial Center - Sarah Devereaux McCormick
    District 18 Greater Pensacola Figure Skating Club - Judy N Holmes


Professional Member Referral Program

All current Professional members who refer a NEW Professional member will receive $25 in ISI Bucks per referral! (Make sure your name is on the application form of each of the new members you refer.)

Congratulations to the following Professional Members who referred a NEW Professional Member and earned $25 in ISI Bucks!

Alexander V Benson-Dunn Darlene Parent John Saitta Randy Winship
Alexandra Asjes Darlene Sparks Julia Hardin Robin L DeFazio
Alynn J Farmer David G Hicks Julie A Schliftman Robin Wagner
Amy L Bifulk Dawn DiMinico Julie M Marchand Robin Wendy Smith
Andrew Cozzi Dean Whittingham Juliette Harton Robyn Bentley
Ashley M Roque Debra R Cook Katherine Sandum Robyn Marlinski
Aurore Premont Donna M Rozon Kay M Gentges Sabrina Eldredge
Barbara A Williams Donnarae K Tulsky Kenneth J Benson Samantha T Sherburne
Beth Sutton Elizabeth A Priest Kristen A Fuerst Sandy Wittmann
Bianca Marro Emerald W Cool Laura E Baran Sara E Barber
B-j S Chapman Evelyn E Gwi Laura M Erle Sarah A Pulido
Brian J Cooke Gabriela Salas Lauren Hunt Sasha Sherry
Brianna Weissmann Georgia Mulgrew Liatra Oss Sean C Beaty
Brianna Younes Geremi Weiss Howard Linda Stroh Shannon Patton Huffman
Bridgid LaMear Gerry Lane Lisa Fedick Sheree L Hugli
Candy Goodson Heather Horn Lisa G Manley Stefano Stangalini
Cari L Breed Heather K Aseltine Lisa Headen Summer DaSilva
Caroline B Baker Heather Wright Lisa K Cushley Susan D'Aquila
Carrie E Clarke Ingrid Santee Lisa M Henry Suzanne McCaughtry
Catherine A Adamoyurka Jacki J Davison Lisa M Tinnirella Tera Zorn
Catherine A Brown Jacqueline Palmore Maria C Koman Theresa M Peters
Christian B Carlstrom Jacquelyne L Shaffer Matthew I Dickson Timothy Cook
Christine W Brinton Jennifer G Anderson Paige Scott Troy M Stevens
Cindy M Solberg Jennifer Layn Paul Healy Vanessa D Ayala
Cori D Duncan Jennifer Ward Rachel Bailey Vassili A Mourzine
Dana Economou Jessica Renee Huot Randy M Jordan Vickie L Tassone
Darlene E Cain Yaniritza Quiroga