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Rule Revisions

2012 ISI Test & Competition Revisions

The new 2012 Rule Revisions have been announced. There are two parts to the revisions this year. The Synchronized Competition Revisions are mandatory for all competitions after September 1, 2011. All Competition Directors should inform all participants and judges before their event.

The new 2012 Test & Competition Revisions are optional for ISI competitions from September 1, 2011 and mandatory for all ISI competitions after January 1, 2012. Competition Directors must inform all participants and judges if they will follow these new revisions for competition events between September 1 - December 31, 2011.

The new 2012 ISI Handbook will include all 2012 Rule Revisions. It can be ordered from the ISI office and will be available in December, 2011.

Please click here for the complete list of new 2012 Test & Competition Revisions.

2012 ISI Handbook Corrections

There are several corrections for the new 2012 ISI Handbook. Please make sure you write these corrections in your new book so it will be up to date.

Page 182 – Event Chart

a) Freestyle Duration column – Open Bronze / FS 4 / FS 5 / Open Silver should each be 2:00 (not 2:30)

b) Artistic Duration column – Open Gold / FS 6-10 / Open Platinum should each be 2:00 (not 2:30)

c) Spotlight Duration Column – Open Gold / FS 6-10 / Open Platinum should each be 2:00 (not 2:30)

Page 312 – Solo Compulsory criteria – Please add “General Overall"

ISI Open Freestyle Tests & Events

We have now added four new Open Freestyle Tests for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.  We have also added new Open Freestyle competition events for skaters who qualify to compete in these events.

These new tests can be used by adult or current skaters (both ISI and USFS) to qualify for the new Open Freestyle events in ISI competitions.  These tests are not required by current ISI skaters who have already passed any Freestyle test level.  Those skaters can compete in the Freestyle events and also in the new Open Freestyle events without taking any additional test.

Please click here to see the complete details for the new ISI Open Freestyle tests and events in the following information.