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Professional Member

To purchase a Professional Membership or Professional Memberhship with Liablility Insurance click on one of the links below.  If your Professional Membership is current and you would like to add Liablility Insurance you must print out and mail or fax the form "Liablility Insurance Form" on the left to the ISI office. Liability Coverage Summary

For the term starting July 1, 2015 and expiring August 31, 2016
(Must be at least 16 years old)

Professional Membership Only -  PDF Form | Online

Professional Membership / Liability Insurance - Online

Liability Insurance Only - PDF Form

To purchase Membership and/or Liability Insurance for the term expiring August 31 contact sandey@skateisi.org.

NOTICE: ISI is now conducting background checks. Once ISI has received your application you will be sent an email from ISI with instructions for completing the required information before your membership can be processed.  

Or, after you have ordered your Professional membership and/or Liability insurance online, you may go to the following link to complete your background check.  Because of our automated process, you may still receive an emailed request the next business day.

Background Check
Web-link: https://opportunities.averity.com/skateisi
PDF: Downloadable Background Check form