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2003 Scholarship Recipients

Rebecca Ford Blosser Michael Andrew Ferlic
2003 Scholarship Recipients

The ISIA Education Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the 2003 Scholarship Awards. Congratulations to Rebecca Ford Blosser and Michael Andrew Ferlic. Each has been awarded a $4,000 college scholarship.

Rebecca Blosser
Jefferson City, Missouri

ISI Activities and Competitions:

  • ISI member (8 years)
  • Freestyle 7
  • ISI World CHAMPS 1998-2003
  • Synchronized skating team (9 years)
  • Member Jefferson City Figure Skating Club (12 years)
  • Participated in 13 ice shows with 7 solos
  • Skating instructor (5 years)
  • Performed 275 hours of service at Washington Park Ice Arena

Scholastic and Community Activities and Achievements:

  • Student Council (11, 12)
  • Prom Committee (11)
  • National Honor Society (10, 11, 12)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (11, 12)
  • Spanish Club (11, 12)
  • Philosophy Club (12)
  • Powder Puff Football (12)
  • Senior Sing (12)
  • Volleyball (9, 10)
  • Tennis (11, 12)
  • Honor Roll (9, 10, 11, 12)
  • Who's Who Among American High School Students (9)
  • Exchange Bank Award for highest GPA (10, 11)
  • Homecoming Top 10 (12)
  • Presidential Fitness Award (11)
  • AP Scholar Award (12)
  • Outstanding Students of America (12)
  • National Honor Roll (12)

Rebecca (Becca) Blosser graduated from Jefferson City High School in Jefferson City, Missouri with a 4.111 grade point average based on a 4.0 system. She plans to attend Furman University and to major in Mathematics.

Becca's busy high school years involved academics, athletics and a wide array of extracurricular activities. She's also active in her church and community. She's been a member of ISI for eight years and a skating instructor since 1997. She performed 223 hours of voluntary service at Washington Park Ice Arena.

Becca's volunteer service extends beyond her home arena. She's participated in mission trips to Houston, Nashville, Chicago and Washington D.C. and also raked leaves (10 hours) for the United Way and performed other community service.

In sports, Becca skates both ISI and USFSA and has participated in over 20 competitions earning 20 gold medals, 15 silver medals and 14 bronze medals. She's been a member of a synchronized skating team for nine years and has performed in 13 ice shows. She also played high school volleyball and tennis, racking up awards and recognition in both. Her other athletic interests include water and snow skiing, running and weight lifting. She also enjoys cooking and sewing.

Washington Park Skating Director Wendy Lentz has known Becca for 10 years and describes Becca as a very talented teacher and mentor to younger skaters. "Becca's commitment to excellence and excitement for the sport of ice skating are unmatched," says Wendy. "I look to Becca to educate, comfort and nurture our smallest participants yet she can flawlessly step into leading a higher level class. She makes every class member feel important. Her dependability and leadership make her an important volunteer. I know that we will miss Becca when she leaves for college but take comfort in knowing that she will certainly be an achiever wherever she goes. Her great work ethic, compassion for others and ability to be a strong leader will ensure that Becca will find success in all her future endeavors."

Robert Roling, Becca's Spanish teacher, describes her as highly intelligent, wholesome and kind. "She is conscientious with her work and consistently prepared and eager to learn," says Robert. "Of the thousands of students in this school, she is the best. Her potential is limitless."

Becca's high school transcript lists numerous honors and advanced placement courses. She took advanced placement statistics as a junior; the majority of her classmates were seniors. "She exhibited a high caliber of maturity and displayed a tremendous work ethic," says instructor Elisabeth Miller. "In small group work, Becca would take on a leadership role. She kept her group members on task and showed an unusual amount of patience with students who were not as quick to understand the concepts. I know she will be a success in the endeavor of her choosing as she has shown perseverance and dedication to any task at hand."

In her scholarship winning essay, Becca says, "Everyone begins with similar aspirations: to reach the highest, to soar the farthest. Those who succeed prepare for the risk…. For some risk taking is an exhilarating display of preparation; for others, it becomes a devastating leap of faith." She describes her daily 6:00 a.m. on-ice practice sessions as the preparation that allows one to successfully compete, "entering the program with the confidence of repetition" and to exit "in perfect form: head high, arms raised, smile spread from cheek to cheek."

"My experiences in skating have taught me the concentration and focus to maintain high academic standards while participating in numerous high school extracurricular activities and athletics," says Becca. "I will use the concentration and focus I have gained from my figure skating to transform the leap of faith that college can be into a well-focused journey…. I hope to enter college with my smile stretched from cheek to cheek."

Michael Ferlic
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ISI Activities and Competitions:

  • ISI member (9 years)
  • Freestyle 9
  • ISI World CHAMPS 1997
  • ISI Good Sport Award, 1997
  • ISI District 2 Championships, 1995-1998, 2000
  • C. Vance and Bonnie Dei Cas Award: Recognizing Excellence in Academics and Skating
  • Learn to Skate Instructor
  • Performed 296 hours of service at South Park Ice Rink and Bladerunners Ice Complex
  • Scholastic and Community Activities and Achievements:
  • National Honor Society (10, 11, 12)
  • Distinguished Honors Award, 1997-1999
  • Stephanie Petitt Award for Scholarship, 1999
  • Presidential Award for Academics, 1999
  • Advanced Placement Scholar Award
  • Class Marshall, 2002
  • Interact: Community Service Club
  • Slippery Rock University World Language Competition: French, 2001, 2002
  • National French Exam, 2002
  • Concert Band
  • Marching Band: Special Events Coordinator, Treasurer, Section Leader, Squad Leader
  • Symphonic Band
  • Student Government Representative
  • Special Olympics Volunteer

Michael Ferlic graduated from Bethel Park Senior High School in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania with a 4.35 grade point averaged based on a 4.0 system. He plans to attend Miami University with an interest in the Pre-Law program and in continuing his skating career.

Michael describes skating as his passion in life. He started skating at age 10 after watching the 1992 Lillehammer Olympics. He trains five or six days a week, averaging 20 hours on the ice plus strength and conditioning work with a personal trainer. He's a Freestyle 9 skater who combines his skating with a rigorous academic load and extracurricular activities. He hopes to add Freestyle 10 to his list of accomplishments. He also competes in USFSA and hopes to qualify for the USFSA National Championships in 2004.

In addition to volunteering 296 hours as a group lessons instructor at South Park Ice Rink and Bladerunners Ice Complex, Michael also served as a Special Olympics volunteer in figure skating and bowling. He also took part in his high school's blood drive and volunteered with senior citizens and the St. Germaine Parish Festival.

Jack Doyle, Manager of South Park Ice Rink, describes Michael as one of the most talented skaters we have ever seen at our facility. "His work ethic is unequaled," says Jack.

Carrie Smilowitz, one of Michael's coaches, says, "His start in skating was with ISI where he developed not only the fundamentals of the sport but an appreciation for his own personal growth through hard work, discipline and lasting friendships. Michael's sincerity made him an instant role model to friends and competitors alike. His commitment to the grassroots of our sport shows in his time and efforts."

Tracy Wampler-McCoy, Michael's French teacher for three years, says, "Mike is the kind of student teachers dream of having. He actually wants to be in class. He will always give his best and accepts nothing less of himself. His attitude is always positive, his work nearly perfect. A more motivated, or dedicated to excellence, student would be difficult to find."

Michael says the that for him the culmination of the many great aspects of the ISI program was being named an ISI Good Sport Award winner at the 1997 ISI World Recreational Team Championships. He credits the ISI Skaters Creed with being his guide for skating and life. "One aspect of the Skaters Creed is that one must try to do their personal best, focusing on participating rather than winning a medal," says Michael. "This philosophy has been crucial to my happiness in the sport and in life."

In his first competition Michael took second in stroking while skating against the book. "I quickly learned that the true value in skating lies in the experience and the ability to participate in such a rewarding sport," says Michael. "To this day, I carry that 'learning experience' in the back of my mind, reminding me that although I may not always end up on the top of the podium or a the head of the class, the knowledge that I tried my best will be enough for self-satisfaction, which is all the approval I need."

The ISIA Education Foundation and the Ice Skating Institute are proud to recognize the 2003 scholarship winners for their academic excellence and their commitment to the ideals of the ISI program. We wish them much success in their college careers.