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2002 Scholarship Recipients

Heather Aseltine Suzanne Kulevich Emma Sacks Jennifer Serpe

2002 Scholarship Recipients

The ISIA Education Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of its 2002 Scholarship Awards. Congratulations to Heather Aseltine, Suzanne Kulevich, Emma Sacks and Jennifer Serpe. Each is the recipient of a $4,000 ISIA Education Foundation college scholarship

Heather started taking ISI Learn to Skate lessons when she was three years old. She entered her first solo competition and took first place when she was five. She has been skating for 15 years, has entered over 30 ISI competitions, and....more>>
Suzanne began skating in the ISI Learn to Skate program when she was nine years old. She says, "As I learned new skills, my self-confidence grew…. The lessons I learned from skating have helped me off the ice too. I learned that...more>>
Emma successfully balances academics, music, volunteer activities and skating. She studies the violin and piano and served as concertmaster of her high school orchestra and the Bloomingdale Orchestra and Sinfonietta. Her musical...more>>
French teacher Barbara Bonner says, "Jennifer's academic successes are obvious. She is definitely one of the brightest and most well-rounded students I have worked with. However, what impresses me most about Jennifer is her attitude...more>>

The ISIA Education Foundation and the Ice Skating Institute are proud to recognize the 2002 Scholarship Winners for their academic excellence and their commitment to the ideals of the ISI program. We wish them much success in their college careers.

Congratulations to our outstanding 2002 Scholarship Recipients!