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2000 Scholarship Recipients

Kristen Mann Beth Massing Carolyn McGree Alexandria Perry Lindsay Russek

The ISIA Education Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the 2000 Scholarship Awards. Congratulations to the winners: Kristen Mann, Beth Massing Carolyn McGree, Alexandria Perry and Lindsay Russek. Each recipient has been awarded a $4,000 college scholarship.

Kristen Mann (Lusby, Maryland)

Kristen Mann graduated from Patuxent High School in Lusby, Maryland with a 94.3 grade point average, based on a 100 point system. She plans to attend Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania and to major in mathematics and secondary education with a minor in political science. Upon completion of college, she plans to teach or go to law school.

Kristen volunteered 525 hours in assisting with skate rental, tot classes, competitions and coaching at Tucker Road Ice Rink. She’s one of the original members of the Tucker Road Figure Skating Club and served as the editor of the club’s newsletter. She also works at the rink part-time, sings in her church choir and serves as a church lecturer.

"Through my skating experiences I have learned about commitment and hard work," says Kristen. "Through skating I have formed life-long friendships and have grown to be more responsible."

Beth Massing (Wilmette, Illinois)

Beth Massing graduated from New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois with a 4.77 grade point average, based on a weighted point system. She maintained "A" and "B" grades with a rigorous course load of advanced placement classes. She plans to attend the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and to major in elementary education. She intends to continue ice skating while in college.

Beth volunteered 473.5 hours at Centennial Ice Rinks in Wilmette, Illinois and at Skokie Skatium in Skokie, Illinois. She served as an assistant coach, assisted with competitions and ice shows and served as a skating instructor. She also served as a volunteer for Safe Rides, as a Sunday School volunteer, and as a "Book Buddy" working with children in the Learn-to-Read Program.

"Skating has become one of the most important aspects of my live; it has taught me the virtue of dedication, determination, sacrifice and discipline," says Beth. "The confidence I gained from my skating carries over to my school work…. I credit my involvement in a multitude of high school activities to the self-confidence skating has strengthened." Of her work as a volunteer instructor Beth says, "Teaching not only gives me a chance to combine my two passions, figure skating and working with children, but I feel that I am able to give back to a sport which has given so much to me…. Figure skating will always hold a very special place in my heart."

Carolyn McGree (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Carolyn McGree graduated from Southwest High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a 3.69 grade point average, based on a 4.0 system. She plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison and will major in mathematics.

As a volunteer at Parade Ice Gardens, Carolyn has donated 273 hours in exhibitions and shows, fund-raising events, teaching tots, organizing and running off-ice practices, and assisting at competitions and with synchronized teams. She’s also volunteered as an after school math teacher for first and second graders, at the Veterans Home, as an elementary school tutor, at a community carnival, and as a PTA babysitter.

Carolyn says, "Figure skating has shown me that in order to succeed, one must not only work hard, but also have passion for what he/she is attempting…. The burning passion within my soul to skate pushes me to strive to be the best I can be in both individual and team skating…. I have been able to take the lessons in figure skating and apply them to everything that surrounds me. Through lessons of passion and goal setting, I can keep my focus on and off the ice."

Alexandria Perry (Westland, Michigan)

Alexandria Perry graduated from Wayne Memorial High School in Wayne, Michigan with a 3.2 grade point average, based on a 4.0 system. She plans to attend Eastern Michigan University.

As a volunteer at Wayne Community Center and other community locations, Alexandria contributed 540 hours of service. At Wayne Community Center, her home ice rink, she helped with tot classes and Special Olympics and volunteered at ice shows and competitions. She also volunteered in Summer Sports Classics, Winter Games, and Spring Games.

Alexandria says being in the ISI program for the last 12 years "has taught me numerous lessons that will help me throughout school and my future career…. These lessons range from learning who I am as a unique individual, becoming mature, developing good sportsmanship and confidence…. These lessons will help me become a better instructor, mentor, and keep me on the right track to success."

Lindsay Russek (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Lindsay Russek graduated from Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia with a 3.0 grade point average, based on a 4.0 point system. She plans to attend James Madison University and to major in Communications. Her long-range goal is to work in television production or public relations.

Lindsay describes herself as the "ISI Poster Girl." She says that through the ISI program, "I have traveled the country, met new faces that are still friends today, and created strong confidence in myself…. The ISI has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual. Assisting with numerous group classes and Special Olympics, I’ve learned the meaning of patience and perseverance."

Many of Lindsay’s 855 hours of voluntary service were spent in assisting with group lessons, public sessions and the Special Olympics program at Iceland of Virginia Beach and ARC IceSport in Chesapeake, Virginia. She also worked as a rink guard and Special Olympics coach and volunteered in a soup kitchen.