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iAIM® Program

Industry experts agree, iAIM Certifications are among the most valuable assets an ice arena professional can possess. The programs provide students the technical education and confidence to successfully face real-world challenges encountered in the ice arena environment. The skills learned at the iAIM Schools make graduates more valuable to their facility, which ultimately provides a competitive advantage for the organization through heightened service, increased productivity, and lower operating costs.

What’s in it for you?

  • Make you a more valuable member of the facility
  • Earn recognition for your skills
  • Gain valuable job security
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers and competition
  • Gain marketable skills

What’s in it for your employer?

  • Receive substantial insurance discounts
  • Improve organizational efficiency
  • Increase your employees’ productivity
  • Strengthen your employees’ technical skills
  • Increase profits

What Graduates Say About iAIM Programs
"The iAIM education program has been a critical factor in the success of our arenas. The practical and comprehensive training has helped us increase our revenue, improve customer service, and operate our facilities at peak efficiency. The iAIM certifications have even earned us discounts on our insurance premiums that more than pay for the tuition in just the first year alone! In these challenging financial times with ever increasing overhead costs, investing in iAIM education is a smart business decision that pays for itself many times over." 

Rob McBride
President – FMC

Certificate of Arena Management ( CAM ) Syllabus

CAM courses prepare ice arena managers to face the broad array of challenges they encounter throughout their career. Upon completion of the CAM course managers will have the skills to create a loyal workforce, manage time, increase productivity and profits, enhance customer service, minimize risk, effectively market their arena, and maximize business growth.

Certificate of Arena Programming (CAP) Syllabus

CAP courses help arena managers, assistant managers and skating and hockey directors develop the expertise to manage the many on- and off-ice activities that take place in an ice arena. CAP graduates are well-equipped to handle all the tasks required to keep the ice arena busy and profitable including planning, scheduling, promoting, organizing, and delivering the programs.

Certificate of Arena Operations (CAO) Syllabus

CAO courses focus on the physical operation of an ice arena and are beneficial for operations managers, building supervisors, assistant managers and general managers alike. We've hand-picked the very best combination of classes to give you the essential skills you need to keep your arena safe and in compliance with regulations and building codes. CAO classes will also bring you up to date on the technology and maintenance skills required to keep an ice arena operational and efficient.

Certificate of Design, Construction & Renovation (CDCR) Syllabus

CDCR courses focus on the Design, Construction and Renovation of Arenas. It is structured to take the participants from the idea phase to opening and completion of a model arena, starting with the content and methods use in conducting a feasibility study. We've hand-picked the very best combination of classes, taught by arena professionals who have built and renovated many arenas to give you the essential skills you need to keep your arena safe and in compliance with regulations and building codes. CDCR classes will also show you how to hire architects, engineers, consultants and contractors who work together to produce a facility that meets the programs and needs of the community in which the arena is located.

Certified Arena Executive (CAE)

The CAE program offers executive-level training in ice arena management as well as courses to promote personal and individual growth throughout your career. The CAE program is the industry's only educational forum designed to equip tomorrow's ice arena executives to prosper in an ever-changing, highly competitive industry. Becoming a Certified Arena Executive puts you on the path to industry leadership and gives you the opportunity to enhance your career through knowledge and professional recognition.

Additional Course: The School of Ice Technologies (SIT)

This course will teach you step-by-step how to master key ice making and maintenance skills. The instructors have years of experience straight from the "front lines," so this course gives you more than just theory. It's practical, intensive ice technology training you can put into practice as soon as you return home-brought to you by an experienced team.