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iAIM® Program

Ice Arena Institute of Management (iAIM) certifications are among the most valuable assets an ice arena professional can possess. That's because the programs provide students the technical education and confidence to successfully face real-world challenges encountered in the ice arena environment. The skills learned make graduates more valuable to their facilities, which ultimately provides a competitive advantage for the organization through heightened service, increased productivity and lower operating costs.

The iAIM programs are divided into five tracks to provide education to a diverse group of ice arena professionals:

CAE Program
The Certified Arena Executive (CAE) program is the graduate school layer of the curriculum and it truly sets iAIM apart. This comprehensive program was designed to identify and hone our industry leaders. It is the only educational forum designed to equip tomorrow's ice arena executives to prosper in a wavering industry.

In addition to completing 27 hours of classroom activities, participants strengthen their writing and public speaking skills. Although the path to becoming a member of this elite group is arduous, there is no greater commitment an industry professional can make to their career or the industry. The fulfillment of the CAE prerequisites begins upon one's completion of the first iAIM class. CAE classes are open to all, and it is never too early to start accumulating your 15 CAE class credits.