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Judges Certification Information

Judges Certification Tests - Online

2014 Update Test Infromation

As of July 1, 2014, ALL certification tests will be updated to include questions from the new 2014 rule revisions. All coaches who have passed any level of Judge certification exams prior to this date will be required to take and pass the 2014 Update Test to maintain the validity of their current certification.

The update test will mainly include the new information from the 2014 Rule Revisions. Click here to download the updated 2014 Rule Revisions Summary.

The fee is $20.

The current Certification Test questions have been updated as of July 1, 2014 to include the 2014 Rule Revisions. Before you take any test, you should have a copy of the 2014 ISI Handbook along with the updated 2014 Rule Revisions. Click here to download to download the updated 2014 Rule Revisions.

2014 Update Test- All Professional Members who have passed any level of the ISI Judge Certification Exams prior to July 1, must take and pass the 2014 Update Test to maintain their current certification level. At least 32 correct answers are needed to pass.

If you pass the Bronze / Silver / Gold / Synchro exam after June 30, 2014, you are NOT required to take the 2014 Update Test.

The results for Completed Update Tests are updated weekly on our website.

Judging at ISI competitions is done by trained and certified ISI Professional Members. All coaches who have students participating in an ISI competition are required to volunteer their time to judge at the event.

In order to become certified to judge at ISI competitions, the professional must pass at least one level of the ISI Judges Certification Examination. The certification exam is offered online.

All tests are open book. Most answers can be found in the current edition of the ISI Handbook. This exam style is used to test the candidate’s knowledge of maneuver requirements, competition events, event levels, penalties and knowledge of where to find the correct information in current ISI publications.

Each test has 35 True/False and 15 Multiple Choice questions. Passing score is 42 and above for the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Synchronized Team tests.

There are five ISI Online Judge Certification exams.  The Bronze, Silver and Gold tests must be taken in order. The Synchronized Test and 2014 Update Test may be taken at anytime.

The current exam levels are:

Bronze Test- includes questions from: Pre-Alpha - Delta / Freestyle 1-3 / Bronze Open Freestyle / Couple 1-3 / Dance 1-3 / Pair 1-3 / Stroking / Footwork / Spotlight / Group & Team event questions (not including synchronized team events).

Silver Test - includes questions from: Pre-Alpha - Delta / Freestyle 1-5 / Bronze & Silver Open Freestyle / Couple 1-5 / Dance 1-5 / Pair 1-5 / Stroking / Footwork / Spotlight / Group & Team event questions (not including synchronized team events).

Gold Test - includes questions from all levels and group/team events (not including synchronized team events).

Synchronized Team Test - includes questions for Synchronized Skating, Synchronized Skating Compulsory,  Synchronized Formation, Synchronized Formation Compulsory and Synchronized Dance events.

You must be logged in to pay for the test - log in at the bottom right corner of your screen on the blue bar then click here.  After you begin, you have 7 days to complete the exam.  When  your exam is submitted, the results are shown immediately on the screen.  An e-mail is also sent to you with the results and a link to print your test certificate.

The cost for each certification test taken online is $40.

All tests are open book with True/False and Multiple Choice questions. Most answers can be found in the 2014 edition of the ISI Handbook and in the 2014 Rule Revisions..

In the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Synchronized exams, there will be several questions based on comparative judging or actual situations that may arise while judging an event. Sometimes these answers cannot be directly found in the publication mentioned above.

For further information on the ISI Judges Certification Examination, please contact Kim Hansen at ISI: 972-735-8800 or email khansen@skateisi.org.

ISI Referee Certification Test

Referees are vitally important to the success and integrity of the ISI and its events, a certification test has been created to gauge prospective referees’ knowledge of the ISI competition standards and to determine if they are qualified for the position.

A coach who wishes to take the referee test should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current ISI professional member.
  • Be a gold-certified ISI judge with a current update test passed, if applicable.
  • Have been using the ISI program (testing skaters and registering skaters in local competitions) for no less than two years.

Qualified persons may submit their application here. Each applicant will be required to list a sponsor who must be an ISI professional member vouching for the applicant’s status (for example, applicant’s skating director, competition director or rink manager).

Once the information is verified and approved by the ISI national office, a link will be emailed to purchase and take the test.

This test uses a true/false and multiple choice question format, with questions based on the application and interpretation of rules and practical judge panel scenarios. A separate video judging test section requires acting as a panel referee, performing actual event judging and penalty evaluation.