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Contact Us

To find out more about the Ice Skating Institute and what we have to offer, call, write or email:

Mailing Address Phone Fax

6000 Custer Rd.
Bldg. 9
Plano, TX 75023

972-735-8800 972-735-8815


Ice Skating Institute Staff
Name Position Phone Email
Liz Manglesdorf Managing Director ext. 131 liz@skateisi.org
Kim Hansen Skating Programs & Events Director ext. 132 khansen@skateisi.org
Jeff Anderson Operations Director ext. 113 Jeff@skateisi.org
Carol Jackson Trade Show & Advertising Director ext. 141 cjackson@skateisi.org
Heather Loller Controller ext. 111 heather@skateisi.org
Eileen Viglione Communications Manager/Editor ext. 143 eileen@skateisi.org
Sandey Carlsen Membership Coordinator ext. 112 sandey@skateisi.org
Angela Tooley Administrative Assistant ext. 100 angela@skateisi.org
Jennifer Carlsen Membership Assistant ext. 156 jennifer@skateisi.org
Devan Zimmerman Staff Accountant ext. 103 Devan@skateisi.org



General Inquiries
For general inquiries, email ISI@skateisi.org.

Skating Event Information
For information about Worlds, Winter Classic, Adult Champs, Holiday Challenge, Conference Champs or Synchro Champs, email events@skateisi.org.

Accounting Inquiries
Contact accounts@skateisi.org to report any issues or ask questions.

ISI Website
Having website issues? Email webmaster@skateisi.org.

Advertising Information
Email advertising@skateisi.org for print and digital advertising available in Recreational Ice Skating Online magazine, ISI Edge trade journal, the ISI Directory, program books, the ISI website or classified ads.

Sponsorship Information
Would you like to sponsor an event? For more information, contact sponsorship@skateisi.org.
If you are interested in sponsoring a conference, notify us at conference@skateisi.org.
For trade show sponsorship information, email trade_show@skateisi.org.

Publication Information
Want to know more about our publications? Email pubs@skateisi.org to learn more about Recreational Ice Skating Online magazine, ISI Edge trade journal, Skaters and Coaches Handbook, Competitors Handbook, Judges Manual and other publications.

Membership Information
Contact members@skateisi.org for individual and hockey memberships.
Email professional@skateisi.org if you are interested in a professional membership.
For Administrative membership, email administrative@skateisi.org.
Need insurance? Email insurance@skateisi.org to set up professional or hockey insurance.
For clarification on orders, email orders@skateisi.org.

To register for an event, send a request to test_reg@skateisi.org.
For high testing, video testing or elements, contact HVE_testing@skateisi.org.

Contact the Editor
For inquiries about Recreational Ice Skating Online magazine, ISI Edge trade journal, the ISI News digital newsletter or social media, email editor@skateisi.org. If you have a question or comment regarding the ISI Handbook or other manuals, contact Liz@skateisi.org.

ISIA Education Foundation
To request more information or to submit inquiries, email ISIAEF@skateisi.org.

Questions about Judges Certification? Direct your inquiries to judges_certification@skateisi.org.
For information on endorsements, contact endorsements@skateisi.org.
For questions related to instructor seminars, email seminars@skateisi.org.
Direct management seminar inquiries to Liz@skateisi.org.
For iAIM program information, email iAIM@skateisi.org.

For information on The Edge Competition Management Program, email thedge@skateisi.org. For arena members interested in the weSKATE Class Management Software with ISILink, contact weskate_software@skateisi.org.