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Refrigeration Plant Room Safety Tips

Do not operate any rotating equipment without the guards in place.

Lock out all electrical equipment when servicing.

Calibrate refrigerant leak detectors annually.

In the event of a refrigerant leak, the alarm on the detector will sound.

• Do not enter a room full of refrigerant as it displaces oxygen.

• Ensure that the exhaust fan is operating.

• Observe the location of the leak from the outside door.

• If leak is very large, evacuate building.

• After the room has been purged with fresh air, minor leaks can be repaired.

• Use breathing apparatus and have assistance before entering room.

• Phone an experienced refrigeration mechanic to make necessary repairs.

Update isolation valve charts as required and review with staff.

Keep the compressor room clean and the floor oil free.

Report all unsafe conditions to your supervisor.

Check gas masks and fire extinguishers on a regular basis.

Review maintenance requirement quarterly.

Fill out logbooks daily.

Practice plant room rescue procedures annually and with all new staff.

Calibrate safety controls every year.

Replace relief valves every five years or per code requirement.

* Reprinted from iAIM Arena Operations Refrigeration Maintenance Course, courtesy of Art Sutherland, President of Accent Refrigeration Systems.