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Spectator Code Of Conduct And Assumption Of Risk Agreement

Spectators agree to and accept responsibility for all of the following:

1. Read and abide by all posted signs and warnings and cooperate fully with the arena staff at all times.

2. Maintain a constant lookout for objects or conditions, including flying pucks, which may pose a potential hazard.

3. Refrain from consuming alcohol, drugs or any other control impairing substances while attending arena events.

4. Refrain from throwing objects or spilling substances on the ice surface, surrounding players or officials, boxes or spectator viewing areas.

5. Refrain from using any obscene or vulgar language or gestures.

6. Refrain from abusing, taunting or ridiculing participants, officials or other spectators.

7. Refrain from instigating or becoming involved in any type of altercation with other spectators or event participants.

8. Conduct yourself at all times so as to be a positive role model for those around you.

9. Assumption of Risk: By entering these premises, spectators are deemed to have knowledge of and assume the inherent risks of viewing skating or hockey activities including, but not limited to, the following:

a. Injuries that result from flying pucks or other hazards.

b. Injuries that result from trips and falls.

c. Injuries that result from objects or artificial structures that are properly placed in the path or vicinity of the spectator.

10. Honor the game!

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