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Refrigeration System Check List

by Art Sutherland

In order to function properly a refrigeration system must have the following three conditions.

1. The chiller must have the correct level of refrigerant.

If the refrigerant level is low, check for:

• Refrigerant leaks

• Obstruction or failure of liquid level valves and controls.

If the refrigerant level is high, check for:

• Failure of liquid level valves and controls

• Overcharge of refrigerant

• Oil in chiller.

2. The liquid refrigerant must be at the correct pressure. If the refrigerant suction pressure is low, check for:

• Low refrigerant level in chiller

• Insufficient or lack of sec-ondary coolant flow

• Incorrect control settings (i.e. thermostat set too cold)

• Faulty gauges.

If the refrigerant suction pres-sure is high, check for:

• Problems with compressor

• Problems with condenser

• Secondary coolant warmer than normal

• Faulty gauges.

3. There must be the correct flow of secondary coolant. If there is insufficient flow of secondary coolant (as indicated by low brine pressure and/or low suction pressure), check balance tank to see if there has been a leak in the system.

• Brine pump might have failed

• Brine header nipples could be fouled over

• Chiller tubes could be fouled over.

Proper maintenance and knowing what to look for will extend the life of your refrigeration system and enhance its efficiency.

Art Sutherland is President of Accent Refrigeration Systems Ltd. He has over 25 years of experience in the refrigeration field and has written five recreation facility operation-training manuals. He can be reached by calling 1-888-423-6253 or check the website: www.accent-refrigeration.com.