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ISI Hockey Program

by Kimberley Russelle, ISI Membership Coordinator

ISI began its Recreational Hockey Program in 2001 and ended the season with 4,500 registered players. As of 2003, ISI has tripled its initial membership, ending with approximately 13,600 players. There are 50 facilities currently using the ISI Hockey Program.

Nancy Bice of Redwood Empire in Santa Rosa, CA describes the ISI Recreational Hockey Program as an easy and convenient program. “The insurance and registration process is very flexible. We have had two claims, and they were both processed in a timely manner without any hassle. I can always get a person on the phone rather than calling an 800 number and getting lost in the phone system. Over the years I have developed a good relationship with ISI and can always get the things we need.”

Accident insurance coverage with the ISI Recreational Hockey Program provides protection for any injuries sustained while participating in an activity (including broomball) sponsored by any ISI Administrative Member facility, club or league.

Floyd Hall Arena in Little Falls, NJ has used the ISI Recreational Hockey Program for three years. “We’ve found the program to be affordable, easy to administer and beneficial to our membership. The registration process is very simple, no complicated computer programs to learn or forms to fill out,” said arena manager Kevin McCormack.

“There are no district fees or additional fees for team registration, and there’s even a six-month membership,” says Tim Fox, assistant manager at Floyd Hall Arena. “Most importantly, we like the fact that with a simple phone call we can contact the ISI office and have any question or claims issue handled quickly and efficiently.”

Michael Ball of Smooth Surfaces in Mt. Pleasant, MI states, “There are fewer hoops to jump through. The program is very affordable and easy to use. The registration process is user friendly. The ISI staff is wonderful to talk to and is very knowledgeable.”

The program is ideal for learn-to-play hockey programs, hockey camps and clinics, recreational youth programs, non-checking adult programs, spring and summer leagues, summer hockey schools, and broomball leagues. The program is not intended for competitive youth or adult travel teams or for full checking adult programs.

ISI offers two levels of membership: youth players and coaches 17 and under for $15 a year, and adult players and coaches for $20 a year. Players and coaches may register individually or in groups by the administering facility, club or league. Referees and officials are covered free of charge. The hockey season begins September 1st and ends August 31st of the following year.

Dave Kilfoil of Nantucket Ice Company in Nantucket, MA states, “We are a very strong supporter; this is the best decision we could have made. We have had two claims, and they were both handled quickly. Our players rave that this is a very affordable program and allows us to have fun. Players who are currently covered on a different program have added ISI as an additional policy, after hearing how simple filing a claim can be and about the coverage that they receive at an affordable price. It is so easy to deal with the staff when we have questions or concerns.”

The ISI Recreational Hockey Program is designed to meet the needs of facility owners and program directors by offering them the freedom and flexibility to tailor the program to meet their specific needs, while enjoying the benefits and protection of a nationally sponsored program. The program offers freedom, flexibility and insurance protection. An administering facility, club or league can submit paperwork via fax or e-mail on an Excel spreadsheet and receive coverage the same day, as long as their account with ISI is in good standing.

For more information on the ISI Recreational Hockey Program, call 972-735-8800.