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2014 Handbook Corrections

Download list here

The diagrams for Dance Step Sequence 6 and 7 have been revised since the 2014 ISI Handbook was published. Please refer to the diagrams listed below.

As you teach and judge the new dance step sequences, please keep in mind:

While the steps listed in each sequence are required, the pattern may vary due to the strength and the size of the skater. Quality, correctness and definition of the edges and turns should be the key factors in evaluating the dance step sequences.

Download the 4 new Dance Step Sequences HERE

View the Dance Step Videos HERE

The current Certification Test questions have been updated as of July 1, 2014 to include the 2014 Rule Revisions. Before you take any test, you should have a copy of the 2014 ISI Handbook along with the updated 2014 Rule Revisions. Click here to download to download the updated 2014 Rule Revisions.

2014 Update Test- All Professional Members who have passed any level of the ISI Judge Certification Exams prior to July 1, must take and pass the 2014 Update Test to maintain their current certification level. At least 32 correct answers are needed to pass.

If you pass the Bronze / Silver / Gold / Synchro exam after June 30, 2014, you are NOT required to take the 2014 Update Test.

The results for Completed Update Tests are updated weekly on our website.


The following revisions go into effect for all ISI events starting Sept. 1, 2014.

Please click here to download a PDF version of these new 2014 Test & Competition Revisions.

All skaters must use the new test requirements for competitions beginning September 1, 2014, regardless of when they passed the test.

ISI professional membership is for directors and instructors/coaches who derive income from performing, teaching or coaching ice skating or hockey.

Professional members enjoy unequaled benefits, such as:

  • Access to the best liability insurance benefits in the industry, featuring more coverage at a lower price
  • Subscriptions to ISI EDGE trade journal, Recreational Ice Skating magazine and ISI eNews
  • Access to ISI educational materials
  • Discounted registration fees for ISI programs and events including the Ice Arena Conference & Trade Show and Ice Arena Institute of Management (iAIM)
  • Free district educational seminars
  • ISI Judge Certification Program
  • Right to register ISI tests for individual skater members

For more information, call (972) 735-8800.


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