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weSKATE 3.5n with ISILink - MySQL Instillation


weSKATE version 3.5n runs on MySQL version 5.1.53 please DO NOT USE a newer version.

There are three programs to install for weSKATE 3.5:

  • MySQL - On one computer that is networked with all of the computers you wish to use weSKATE.
  • weSKATE Download Manager - On the same computer that MySQL is installed.
  • weSKATE 3.5 - This is the client program, it can be installed on any computer on the network including the one that has MySQL and the Download Manager.

These instructions include the download for each program at the top of each page in a blue box. At the bottom of each page is the link to the next set of instructions in a blue box.

Special instructions are in yellow boxes above the screen shot.


Download MySQL


Below are screen shots indicating the options you choose at each step if you are presented with an option that is not pictured, choose the default.

Choose "Typical" and click NEXT


Click Next

Check the box for "Configure MySQL Server now" then click FINISH

Click NEXT

Choose "Detailed Configuration" and click NEXT

Choose "Developer Machine" and click NEXT

Choose "Multifunctional Databases" and click NEXT

Unless your IT department wants MySQL installed somewhere specific leave this as the default and click NEXT

Choose "Manual Setting" and clcik NEXT

If you have a newer version of MySQL installed you will need to choose a different port and fill in #1 on the worksheet. Check "Add firewall exception for this port" and click NEXT

Choose "Standard Character Set" and click NEXT

If you have a newer version of MySQL installed you will need a different Service Name and fill in #2 on the worksheet. Choose "Install As Windows Service" and click NEXT


You must keep a record of the root password it can not be recovered, fill in #4 on the worksheet and click NEXT


Once this is installed you can install the weSKATE Database Manager