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weSKATE 3.5 with ISILink

To install weSKATE 3.5 for multiple users use these instructions for each computer that is on the same network as the MySQL and the weSKATE Database Manager. In is not nessisary to install MySQL or weSKATE Database Manager on any other computer.


Download weSKATE 3.5

Below are screen shots indicating the options you choose at each step if you are presented with an option that is not pictured, choose the default.


Machine Name is what goes into Host Name / Address on next screenshot

Host Name / Address is Machine Name (ALL ARE CASE SENSITIVE) in the file above then click TEST, if all goes well click SAVE and you are done

This is what the weSKATE 3.5 with ISILink should look like

You can repeat this page for each computer you would like to run weSKATE 3.5 on