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2002 World Recreational Team Championships
First Nashoba Valley 804.5
Second Sharper Edge Skating School 749.0
Third Robert Unger School of Ice Skating 480.5
Fourth Center Ice Arena 416.0
Fifth Galleria Ice Skating Center 407.5
Sixth New England Sports Center 393.0
Seventh Winterland Skating School 392.0
Eighth Franklin Blades Skating School 359.5
Ninth Tampa Bay Skating Academy-Parkside 280.0
10th SM Mega Mall 272.5
11th Ice Zone 268.5
12th Golden Blades Figure Skating Club 265.5
13th West Suburban Arena 249.0
14th Symmetrical Skating School-Norwich 235.0
15th Upper Edge 219.5
16th Plymouth Ice Center 205.0
17th The Crystal Ice Palace Ice Arena 170.5
18th City of Southgate 162.0
19th Charles Moore Arena 149.0
20th Grand Oaks Ice Arena 141.5
21st Pilgrim Skating Arena 138.5
22nd Yonkers Figure Skating Club Inc 133.0
23rd Bay State Blades-Marlboro 122.5
24th ISR-Southmall 120.0
25th Melvindale Civic Arena 111.5
26th Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex-Willowbrook 100.5
27th Cape Ann Figure Skating Club 97.0
28th John Gallo Ice Arena 96.5
29th The Ice Palace Skating Academy 95.0
30th DBL. K Skating School of Excellence 85.5
31st Norwich Ice Rink & Skating School 80.0
32nd Bay State Blades-Fall River 74.5
33rd Canlan Ice Sports Chesapeake 72.0
33rd Capitol Gateway East - Ice Pavilion 72.0
35th Hess Ice Rink 69.5
36th Wayne Community Center 68.5
37th Bielenberg Sports Center 67.5
38th Randall School of Ice Skating Inc 66.0
39th Wonderland Of Ice 63.5
39th Bay State Blades-N. Billerica 63.5
41st Cottage Grove Ice Arena 61.0
42nd Chiller at Easton 59.0
43rd Genoveva Chavez Community Center 57.0
43rd Saratoga Springs Figure Skating 57.0
45th B.I.G. Arena 56.0
46th Cabin John Ice Rink 54.5
47th White Bear Lake Sports Center 53.5
48th Tampa Bay Skating Academy - Countryside 50.0
49th Owens Recreation Center 49.5
50th Redford Ice Arena 49.0
51st Parade Ice Garden 45.0
52nd International Skating Center Of CT 42.5
53rd George S DeArment Ice Arena 41.5
54th RDV Sportsplex Ice Den 40.5
55th Soldotna Sports Center 38.0
56th City of White Plains 37.0
57th Kristen's Ice Skating School 36.0
58th Polar Dome Ice Arena 35.5
59th Freeport Skating Academy 33.0
60th Parkaire World On Ice 32.5
61st ARC IceSports Rockville 30.5
62nd Sno-King Ice Arena 26.0
62nd Tampa Bay Skating Academy-Oldsmar 26.0
64th Over The Edge Inc 24.0
64th Ice Center of Cupertino 24.0
65th Northwest Family Sports Center 23.5
65th Ice Skating Center at the Galleria 23.5
67th University Of Delaware Ice Arena 23.0
67th Fort Myers Skatium 23.0
69th La Pista 22.0
69th St Marys Point Youth Center 22.0
71st SkateNation of Piney Orchard 21.0
72nd The Chiller in Dublin 19.0
72nd Meadville Figure Skating Club 19.0
75th The Center-Al Khuwair 18.5
76th Iceland Of Hampton Roads 17.0
77th Big Rapids Figure Skating Club 15.0
77th Pista De Las Americas 15.0
77th Dr Pepper StarCenter-Euless 15.0
80th Rec-Plex 14.0
81st The Ice Box 13.5
82nd Viking Skating Club 13.0
83rd Fritz Dietl Inc 12.0
83rd Northbrook Sports Center 12.0
85th Pyramid Ice 11.0
85th Martha''s Vineyard Figure Skating 11.0
85th Bay State Blades-Auburn 11.0
88th Sky Rink At Chelsea Piers 10.0
89th M.NCPPC/Herbert Wells Ice Rink 9.0
89th St Clair Shores Civic Arena 9.0
89th Taylor Sportsplex 9.0
89th William G Mennen Sports Arena 9.0
93rd Connecticut Intl Skating Center 8.5
94th Oak Lawn Park District Ice Arena 8.0
95th The Gardens Ice House 7.0
95th Centennial Sportsplex 7.0
97th Parkwood Ice Rink 6.5
98th Ice Dream Inc 6.0
99th Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex 5.5
100th Ice Time Inc 5.0
100th Logitech Ice 5.0
102nd M.NCPPC Wheaton Ice Arena 4.5
103rd Glacial Garden Skating Arena 4.0
103rd Athletic Arts Academy 4.0
103rd Farmington Hills Ice Arena 4.0
103rd Ice Oasis 4.0
107th EJ Murray Memorial Skating Center 3.5
108th Polar Ice Peoria 3.0
108th Mohawk Ice Skating School 3.0
108th Fenton W Chester Arena 3.0
111st Incredible Ice 2.0