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weSKATE 3.5 with ISILink - Database Manager

Download weSKATE Database Manager

Below are screen shots indicating the options you choose at each step if you are presented with an option that is not pictured, choose the default.



The MySQL Admin User Name is "root" lower case without the quotes (#3 on the worksheet)
The password is the root password you created when installing MySQL (#4 on the worksheet)

Here you will create the admin user name and password (min 6 characters) for weSKATE please keep a record of it. On the worksheet fill in #6 for User Name and #7 for User Password. #5 is Name for the Database. Then click BUILD DATABASE

Once the right has filled in - Click on the copy button (circled in red) and create a text or Word file to keep for your records. On the worksheet fill in #8 with Machine Name and #9 with Machine Address.

Here is a sample of the text file.

Login using the User Name and User Password you created. #6 is User Name #7 is User Password. Click LOG ON

Under the menu item Database Administration choose Edit License(s).

Input each of your weSKATE license(s) on a separate line. Then press 'Validate and Load Data.

Once you are on the screen below click Start Download.

Once the weSKATE Database Manager is installed you can install the weSKATE 3.5 software on any networked computer.