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weSKATE is the Original ISI Recreational
Learn-to-Skate Program

weSKATE is the program of choice for successful coaches and skating schools wishing to increase participation and improve skater retention while keeping skating fun! The same Pre-Alpha to Delta and Freestyle 1-10 testing and competition programs have been used for more than 40 years. The new Open Freestyle tests and events give all skaters more flexibility and event options.

The weSKATE ISI Recreational Skating program:

Important tools of the weSKATE program include:


2016 ISI Handbook

Newly revised and improved, this handbook is a must-have for both coaches and skaters. EVERYTHING you need to know is at your fingertips in this newly combined edition. It includes: current test requirements and procedures; competition event performance rules; judging guidelines and criteria; maneuver limitation and duration event chart; penalty chart; and in-depth descriptions for each maneuver or element.


weSKATE with ISILink Software

This FREE benefit to all ISI Administrative member arenas and clubs helps skating directors organize and administer the skating school program from start to finish – create and schedule group classes; register and track skaters; record attendance, tests and memberships – and much more!


Each current Administrative member can request a complimentary copy of the weSKATE Kit. This valuable resource contains promotional materials that can be customized for your facility and program, skating clip art, event calendars, class curriculum guides and coaching resources.

weSKATE Club

The weSKATE Club is a 13-week registration designed to be a more affordable alternative for beginning skating school students (Tot-Alpha levels). Benefits include: excess accident insurance and the ability to test and compete through the Alpha level.

weSKATE National Instructor Training Program

This program is designed to educate and train instructors in the techniques, testing standards and professional requirements for teaching the ISI weSKATE program. It helps develop the skills needed to be an outstanding coach while teaching the leading learn-to-skate program.

weSKATE certification levels include:

  • Core (Tots – Delta)
  • Intermediate (Freestyle 1-5)
  • Advanced (Freestyle 6-10)

ISI programs are rewarding for skaters, coaches, clubs and arenas alike.
They’re simple, proven and easy to administer.
ISI … it just makes sense!