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2006 Scholarship Recipients

Kaylyn McDaniel
Stillwater , Minn.

ISI activities:
ISI individual member (9 years)
ISI professional member (3 years)
Freestyle 8
ISI World Championships (1997-2000, 2002-2006)
ISI competitions (36)
Ice show performer (9 years)
ISI Good Sport Award (2 years)

Scholastic and community activities/achievements:
People to People Ambassador Program
Girl Scout volunteer
Red Cross volunteer
Kindergarten volunteer
Band and Orchestra
Presidential Fitness and Academic Awards
Track and Field
National Honor Society

Volunteering with tots on the ice and kindergartners in the classroom has helped influence Kaylyn McDaniel’s decision to embark on a career focused on children. She plans to become a neonatal intensive care nurse.

Kaylyn graduated from Stillwater Area High School with a 3.78 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, and begins studies this fall at the College of St. Catherine. She’s well prepared for college challenges, after taking college courses part-time while still in high school, and earning honors for both.

Being prepared is standard procedure for Kaylyn, who teaches group lessons at White Bear Lake Sports Center and private lessons at W.H. Hunt ISI Skate School in River Falls, Wis. “She always came to the rink early to warm up and get mentally prepared for her skating sessions,” says her private coach and mentor, Sandy Reinhardt Wittmann, assistant skating director at White Bear Lake. “As a coach, Kaylyn arrives 15 minutes early to prepare. If she’s going to be absent, she always lines up a sub and organizes her clipboard for them. She has educated herself through the ISI seminars, Instructor’s Edge classes and by reading articles to better understand test levels and the sport. She’s a hands-on teacher, and takes her role very seriously.”

Kaylyn’s ISI participation has included lessons and testing through Freestyle 8, plus dozens of shows, exhibitions and competitions, including three Benefit on Ice shows at ISI Worlds. “Skating in the ISI program has given me many opportunities to express myself while participating in individual events such as freestyle, interpretive, compulsory, spotlight and footwork,” she says. “I’ve also participated in couples events with my brother, jump and spin events with friends, team compulsories, family spotlights with my cousins and a production number with 40 people from three different rinks. The best part about ISI is the inclusion of all ages and abilities.”

Stephanie Crisp
Hanson, Mass.

ISI activities:
ISI individual member (12 years)
Freestyle 8, Couple 3
ISI World Championships (1997, 2002, 2006)
ISI competitions (62)
Synchro team (6 years)
Learn-to-skate instructor

Scholastic and community activities/achievements:
Cross Country Team (Co-captain)
Track and Field
National Honor Society
Essay contest & academic award winner (multiple)
Yearbook staff
Newspaper intern
Church and community volunteer

It was while watching the Olympics that Stephanie Crisp first yearned to visit an ice rink. Although the rink has become like a second home to her, she says her parents have always emphasized the importance of a well-rounded life and participating in a variety of activities — off the ice as well as on it.

“Being able to participate in school activities has bettered my high school experience, but not at the expense of skating, for which I am grateful to the ISI program,” she says. “ISI embodies the fun side of skating, the side that promotes the passion and pleasure for what we do, and that, I believe, is the most important part of any sport.”

Stephanie graduated fifth in her class at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, with a 3.988 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. She is majoring in English at Northeastern University and plans a career path that will showcase her strong writing skills.

“Stephanie is a can-do person,” says Katy Hayden, skating director at Winterland Skating School, based at Rockland Rink, where Stephanie has participated in and volunteered for countless ice skating competitions and shows. “She motivates all the other skaters and gets everyone around her involved. When I give her a job to do, it will be done, and done well. She started helping out with learn-to-skate classes at age 10, and she has a wonderful way with younger children.”

Seeing some of her former students whipping off toe loops and sit spins is gratifying, Stephanie notes, “because I know I have done my part to spread my love of skating a little further.”

She plans to continue skating with the figure skating club at Northeastern, and wants to help start a synchro team at the university. Rockland Rink will miss her, but she’s hoping to return to lend a hand during her summers, and is interested in judging at ISI competitions.