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2004 Scholarship Recipients

Julianne Kulevich
Maynard, Massachusetts

Julianne Kulevich graduated from Maynard High School in Maynard, Massachusetts with a 98 grade point average based on a 100-point system. She took advanced placement (AP) classes and earned awards of excellence in many of her classes. She plans to attend the College of the Holy Cross to major in mathematics and to enter a pre-medical careers program.

“Skating has never been easy, but it has always been fun,” says Julianne, who started in the ISI Learn-to-Skate program at age six. “Skating has taught me so much about life, especially the importance of determination. Whether in school or on the ice, I know that if I set a goal for myself, I can achieve it, if I work hard and remain focused.”

Focus, drive and determination have been hallmarks of Julianne’s academic and extracurricular achievements. Tammy Murphy, Julianne’s high school counselor, describes Julianne as “a young woman who is driven to succeed through a strong sense of self-motivation and ambition. She has managed to take almost every honors or AP course available and has conquered every challenge she has accepted.”

In addition to academics, ice skating and field hockey, Julianne excels in music; she plays several instruments, sings and dances.

Julianne says she plans to continue skating and to eventually coach. “Skating has helped define my life and is a large part of who I am as a person.”

Jessica Marshall
Knoxville, Tennessee

Jessica Marshall graduated from Knoxville Catholic High School in Knoxville, Tennessee with a 3.91 grade point average based on a 4.0-system. She plans to attend Maryville College to major in secondary school English education.

Larry LaBorde, vice president of Chalet Ice Rink in Knoxville, says, “If there ever was a true ISI skater, Jessica Marshall would fit that bill. As far back as I can remember, Jessica has been involved in every ISI function we’ve done…. Jessica possess a healthy combination of ambition, team spirit and sincerity.”

Jessica’s introduction to ice skating came as a Christmas present when she was three years old. “The early morning challenges on the ice enhanced my discipline in academics…. My skate mates became my friends and team members became more like family,” she said.

“As I started maturing in my skating and learning the ISI philosophy, I began developing different qualities – how to be dedicated and disciplined, how to persevere, how to deal with adversity and success, and how to be an important member of a team. The artistry of operating as an integral part of a team is an invaluable experience,” says Jessica. “Figure skating is a gift to develop and share. Giving back to my rink and ISI has become an important goal in my life.”

Sara Medek
Arden Hills, Minnesota

Sara Medek graduated from Mounds View High School in Arden Hills, Minnesota with a 11.68 grade point average based on a 12-point system. She plans to attend the University of Notre Dame to major in biomedical engineering.

Sara, who started skating at age five, says, “Skating has taught me the importance of discipline and goal setting. I have also learned to never give up. I have learned lessons in time management that I hope will be helpful when I head off to college.”

Sara’s teachers consistently describe her as “intelligent, curious, involved in learning, cooperative in groups, responsible and mature. Her innate abilities, determination and excellent work ethic will carry her far,” said Judy Moline, her high school counselor..

Angela Rice, who has coached Sara since she was in Delta, describes Sara as a highly motivated person who excels in the classroom and on the ice. “Her ability to maintain exceptional grades while training as a figure skater … is due to her dedication and perseverance. Younger skaters look up to Sara as someone they admire.”

Jamie Spiller
Brockton, Massachusetts

Jamie Spiller graduated from Brockton High School in Brockton, Massachusetts with a 6.27 grade point average based on a 7.0-system. She ranked ninth in a class of 750 graduating seniors and plans to attend Connecticut College to major in political science.

Of Jamie’s work with special needs students, Lisa O’Neill, Jamie’s coach said, “She has the ability to translate skating techniques into their simplest forms so that each skater she works with can achieve their personal best. Jamie’s maturity shows in her job performance, leadership abilities, personal appearance and self-control. She is determined to always do her best.”

“Skating is not something that has come easily to me,” says Jamie, who spent five years learning to land her axel. “A force inside me, coupled with exterior support from my coaches, compelled me to continue. Being a skater has made me too strong to quit on the ice and off. The journey was a long one but worth it, for the adrenaline rush of landing a clean jump is simply indescribable.”

“Through my commitment to skating I have become a hard worker, a good sport, and a devoted friend,” says Jamie. “I have made many friends through skating, and they serve as a constant reminder that the most important thing about figure skating is not accumulating medals or landing jumps but having fun. I strive each day to apply the lessons I have learned on the ice to everything I do.”