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iAIM 101

EDGE - Nov/Dec 2004

What is iAIM?
iAIM stands for the Ice Arena Institute of Management.

When and why was iAIM formed?
iAIM was formed in 2000 to provide education and certification to professionals seeking education and advancement in the ice arena industry.

What does iAIM do?
iAIM plans, organizes and conducts educational seminars and weeklong schools, and provides an online certificate program for ice arena managers, programmers and operators.

How is iAIM organized?
iAIM is the educational arm of the Ice Skating Institute and has a board of regents (BOR) composed of leaders in management and education as well as supplier and manufacturer representatives to direct its programs. The BOR approves the educational content and is responsible for setting the standards of excellence expected of iAIM graduates.

How are the iAIM educational programs delivered?
iAIM has certification programs in management, programming and operations. Participants are sent their materials two weeks in advance and are required to take 30 hours of instruction and pass a 100-question exam before being awarded a Certificate of Ice Arena Management (CAM), Programming (CAP) or Operations (CAO). Those taking the certificate tracks online are required to take the online portion, attend a three-hour workshop and take the exam at the annual ISI conference and tradeshow held each year at various spots around the country. Online participants are allowed to print their materials and have access to the online content for one year.

What is offered for those completing the certificate programs?
Those who complete the CAM, CAP and CAO qualify for entry into the Certified Arena Executive program. CAE candidates must have been in a leadership position in the industry for five years, must take and pass 10 hours of executive-level classes, write a philosophy of facility management and take an oral exam on the good practices of the industry. Participants in the CAE program must demonstrate good written and communications skills and be able to discuss and formulate solutions to common industry-wide problems and issues. They will be judged by a committee of their peers.

What is the goal of the CAE program?
The board of regents envisions that only industry leaders will qualify for the CAE status. Professionals with this designation will have demonstrated knowledge and leadership in the industry and hold positions on regional and national bodies associated with the industry. The BOR expects that the requirements of the CAM, CAP and CAO will become common employment requirements in the future and the CAE designation will identify the leaders of our industry.

How many programs and graduates does the iAIM program have?
iAIM has offered 11 certificate schools at various locations around the country, has conducted three CAE programs and has more than 300 certificate graduates and 20 CAE candidates. The BOR and instructors are all volunteers offering their time and expertise to help advance the cause of the ice arena industry and should be commended for their dedication, professionalism and leadership. iAIM is a program for industry professionals, taught by industry professionals.