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Risk Management Guidelines For The Operation Of Skating Arenas

It shall be the responsibility of the arena operator to do the following with respect to the operation of a skating arena:

1. A manager of an arena or his/her designated employee shall be on duty during all hours that the facility is open for business.

2. Post the Skater Responsibility and Assumption of Risk and Spectator Code of Conduct and Assumption of Risk in conspicuous locations in the arena,

3. When the arena is open for a public skating session and at least 50 skaters are expected, have at least one supervisor on the skating surface for every 100 skaters.

4. Supervisors shall:

• Be identifiable by their attire.

• Have received appropriate training to carry out their duties.

• Use reasonable care in carrying out their duties.

5. Maintain the skating surface in reasonably safe condition by visually inspecting it before each skating session and by cleaning and/or resurfacing the skating surface as necessary.

6. Inspect and reasonably maintain dasher boards, caprails, kick plates, and protective shielding surrounding the rink.

7. Inspect and reasonably maintain all entrances including thresholds, matting and step-up and step-down surfaces.

8. Inspect and reasonably maintain, at regular intervals, all rental equipment offered to the public.

9. Comply with all applicable state and local fire safety codes, building codes and other safety codes applicable to a skating arena.

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