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The ISI Handbook

The ISI Handbook, 2016 Edition is the only comprehensive resource for:

  • ISI test level requirements
  • weSKATE program information
  • Competition events and performance rules
  • Judging (including penalty reference chart and quick reference for duration)


The handbook includes the latest rule revisions and new competition events, and provides a wealth of information, standards and resources for learning, teaching and judging the ISI Recreational Skating Program. To purchase, order online, email orders@skateisi.org or fill out the order form and mail to ISI at 6000 Custer Road, Bldg. 9, Plano, TX 75023, or call 972-735-8800.

*The 2016 rule revisions become effective on September 1 and will be observed at all ISI national events after that date.