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weSKATE is the Original ISI Recreational
Learn-to-Skate Program


What do Dorothy Hamill, Kristi Yamaguchi, Scott Hamilton,Evan Lysacek, Mirai Nagasu, Michelle Kwan, Sarah and Emily Hughes, Timothy Goebel, Sasha Cohen, Alissa Czisny and many others all have in common?


They all started skating in the original ISI Recreational Learn-to-Skate Program, now known as weSKATE .

These skaters have become part of an elite group of the finest and most talented figure skaters in the world. Some skaters train for years to represent their country and become part of the Olympic or World skating teams.

But did you know that the vast majority of skaters simply enjoy ice skating as a recreational activity? In fact, there are millions of people who visit local ice rinks each year to participate in skating just for the fun of it.

There are many ice sports you can enjoy, including figure skating, synchronized skating, ice hockey, speed skating and even broomball.

Figure skating is an elegant sport that helps you to develop balance, coordination and artistic abilities while becoming more physically fit.

Synchronized skating is a fast-growing segment of the skating community, providing skaters of all ages a chance to compete as a team. Different categories of competition events and division by age groups make this event a winning combination.

Hockey provides young and old alike the opportunity to get in shape while participating in a competitive team sport.

Some facilities host speed skating clubs that specialize in beginner programs as well as short-track and longer-distance events.

These and other ice sports will help you develop coordination, flexibility and self-confidence through fun-filled lessons, events, tournaments and other activities.

The weSKATE ISI Recreational Skating Program:

  • Encourages individuals to skate for FUN!
  • Provides ice skating programs and easily attainable testing levels for all ages and abilities.

Starting to Skate

Ice skating isn’t as difficult as you may think. The Ice Skating Institute (ISI) provides the internationally acclaimed weSKATE Learn-to-Skate Program to more than 600 ice rinks throughout the United States , Mexico , Asia and the Middle East .

The weSKATE program teaches skating maneuvers that can be easily mastered for measurable results. It is the only program designed solely for those who want to skate for the fun of it. The program helps you master new skills in each lesson that build on your past lessons, so your time on the ice is always fun and rewarding! After you master the basics you can learn to play hockey, start speed skating, advance to higher figure skating levels and even join a synchronized skating team.

The first step in taking lessons is finding a rink near you . Once you choose a facility, call or visit their website to learn about their classes – chances are, they’ll have beginning classes to fit your schedule.

Beginning skaters don’t need expensive equipment. In most cases you can start by renting skates from the rink. And be sure to dress in warm, comfortable clothing, such as warm-ups, for your lessons. It’s also a good idea to wear mittens to keep your hands warm – ice arenas can be cold! As you learn more, you’ll likely want to invest in your own skates and equipment. Be sure to talk to your instructor or the pro shop in the arena for information on the best skates to purchase for your skating level.

It doesn’t take long to start having fun on the ice. After the first few weeks, you will begin to feel confident knowing how to skate and stop, start backward skating, glide on one foot and even do a beginning jump and spin.

The weSKATE Learn-to-Skate Program consists of the following test levels:

Tot 1-4

A child who can walk well can be taught to ice skate. Very young children require special classes with instruction given in a fun – rather than a more formal – atmosphere.

These tests are specifically designed for beginning skaters age 6 and under. Test maneuvers are broken down into smaller parts so they can be easily learned and mastered. Fun – along with easy success and accomplishments – are the keys to any Tot level class.

Pre-Alpha to Delta

These beginning-level tests are for skaters of all ages. This step-by-step progression of skills makes learning fun, and fast! Once the skater begins to build on the basics, the sky is the limit! It’s important to master these skating “basics” before moving on to higher levels of achievement.

After a few months of practice, you’ll be able to show off your skating skills in a local ice show or exhibition. Any skater who can pass any level of ISI test is eligible and encouraged to participate in a local, district and/or ISI national competition event . These events are so much fun that many young people and adults alike come back year after year to participate, meet new friends and improve the new skills they’ve learned.

Skaters from 2 years old to 82 years young come to our national recreational competition events , and all ISI competition events encourage “participation, not elimination.” Every skater in every event receives a medal or award, and all skaters receive team points to help their rink team’s overall score.

What are you waiting for? Find a rink near you today and sign up for ice skating lessons and lots of fun!