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To find out more about the Ice Skating Institute and what we have to offer, call, write or e-mail:

Home- Office Address Phone Fax
Ice Skating Institute
Mailing Address:
6000 Custer Rd
Bldg 9
Plano TX 75023
Phone: (972) 735-8800 Fax: (972) 735-8815


Ice Skating Institute Staff
Peter Martell Executive Director 972-735-8800 ext. 101 pmartell@skateisi.org
Elizabeth Kibat Controller 972-735-8800 ext. 111 elizabeth@skateisi.org
Liz Manglesdorf ISI National Skating Programs Coordinator 972-735-8800 ext. 131 liz@skateisi.org
Kim Hansen ISI National Skating Events Coordinator 972-735-8800 ext. 132 khansen@skateisi.org
Carol Jackson Advertising and Print Production Manager 972-735-8800 ext. 141 cjackson@skateisi.org
Eileen Viglione Communications Manager/Editor 972-735-8800 ext. 143 eileen@skateisi.org
Angela Tooley Administrative Assistant 972-735-8800 ext. 100 angela@skateisi.org
Sandey Carlsen Membership Coordinator 972-735-8800 ext. 112 sandey@skateisi.org
Renee Gray Staff Accountant 972-735-8800 ext. 103 rgray@skateisi.org
Jeff Anderson Administrative Service Manager 972-735-8800 ext. 113 Jeff@skateisi.org

Accounting Inquiries: accounts@skateisi.org
Advertising Information:
Recreational Ice Skating Magazine, ISI EDGE, ISI Directory, Program Books, ISI Website,Classified Ads advertising@skateisi.org
Sponsorship Information:
Events sponsorship@skateisi.org
Conference and Trade Show Information: conference@skateisi.org
Contact the Editor:
Recreational Ice Skating and ISI EDGE magazines, ISI News, Social Media editor@skateisi.org
ISI Handbook, other Manuals. Liz@skateisi.org
ISI Website webmaster@skateisi.org
General Inquiries ISI@skateisi.org
ISIA Education Foundation: ISIAEF@skateisi.org
Membership Information:
Individual and Hockey
Professional, Arena Members, Builder/Supplier, Retail Merchant professional@skateisi.org
Professional or Hockey Insurance insurance@skateisi.org
Orders: orders@skateisi.org
Judges Certification: judges_certification@skateisi.org
Endorsements endorsements@skateisi.org
Instructor Seminars seminars@skateisi.org
Management Seminars Liz@skateisi.org
iAIM iAIM@skateisi.org
Publication Information:  
Recreational Ice Skating Magazine, ISI EDGE,Skaters and Coaches Handbook, Competitors Handbook, Judges Maunal, etc. pubs@skateisi.org
Skating Event Information:  
Worlds,Winter Classic,Adult Champs, Synchronized Champs events@skateisi.org
Registration test_reg@skateisi.org
High Testing, Video Testing, Elements HVE_testing@skateisi.org
The Edge Competition Management Program: thedge@skateisi.org
Website Issues: webmaster@skateisi.org